George Washington Level:
$1 a Day for a Year

Celebrate our first president with a donation of $1 a day (a total of $365)George Washington donors will earn four (4) custom Project3713 beer mugs and a Project3713 T-shirt.

George Washington Level Subscribers will receive:

1. A choice of grey or black T-shirt (size and color choice will be confirmed via e-mail).

2. Four (4) custom beer mugs made in the USA and etched in Kingston, PA. Mugs come in gift boxes suitable for storage.


There are two ways to pay: once a month or all at once.

Option 1: Monthly Installment Plan – you will be charged $30.40 per month for 12 months. T-shirt reward will ship within 2-4 weeks. Two mugs will ship at the 6 month mark, and two at the 12 month mark.

Choose your Level below:

Signers’ Levels

Option 2: All At Once – you will be charged a one-time donation of $365. All rewards will ship within 2-4 weeks. Please visit the #3713 store to choose the one-time option.