Project3713 Update:

Every group that partners with the National Park Service engages in a formal written partnership agreement that periodically renews. The agreement that governs Project3713 has been renewed multiple times during the restoration. The current agreement is up for renewal, and like many things during recent times, the process is taking longer than usual. 

The National Park Service has informed us that no fundraising may take place until the new agreement is finalized. When the paperwork is done, Project3713 will reactivate the online fundraising options. We expect it will be a brief pause. 

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the Steamtown National Historic Site has made quite a bit of progress on #3713 over the past 12 months. Details are on our Facebook page:





There are four ways to donate to Project3713. Choose the one that’s best for you from the following options.

  1. Open Donation If you like to make a one-time donation of your choice, you can do so via mail or online right now at our Online Donation page.
  2. Subscription Donation Our Signers’ Fund lets you donate regularly at three different levels ($1 a day, $10 a week, and $100 a month while earning some great #3713 gifts. All the details are on the Signers Fund page.
  3. Sponsorship of Specific Parts From the smallest parts to the largest assemblies, Project3713 is looking for individuals and corporations interested in sponsoring specific pieces required to return #3713 for operation. Visit the Parts Sponsorships page for details.
  4. Railroaders’ Memorial Plaque Honor your favorite railroader or salute those of the past with our Railroaders’ Memorial Plaque. Visit the Railroaders’ Memorial page to register.