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Individual Donations

The easiest way to support Project 3713 is with an immediate donation via PayPal. Simply click the link below and you will be taken directly to the Project 3713 PayPal page where you can enter the dollar amount you would like to contribute.

Signers’ Fund Subscription Donation Program

Project3713 is introducing the Signers’ Fund, a monthly donation program featuring three of the most famous signers of the U.S. Constitution who also happen to grace our currency.

Special rewards for each level will help you show off your pride in supporting Project3713. Rewards include wine glasses, beer mugs and a painted replica builder’s plate, all available only to Signers’ Fund subscribers.

George Washington: $1 a day for a year

Celebrate our first president with a donation of $1 a day (a total of $365)George Washington donors will earn four (4) custom Project3713 beer mugs and a Project3713 T-shirt.

Visit the George Washington Fund page for details. Join now!

Alexander Hamilton: $10 a week for a year

Honor the founder of the US Treasury with a donation of $10 a week  (a total of $520) to move Project3713 forward.  Alexander Hamilton donors will earn four (4) custom Project3713 wine glasses, a Project3713 T-shirt, and a framed print of #3713.

Visit the Alexander Hamilton Fund page for details. Join now!

Benjamin Franklin: $100 a month for a year

Commemorate “The First American”  with a donation of $100 a month (a total of $1200)  towards the completion of Project3713. Benjamin Franklin donors will earn 4 beer mugs, 4 wine glasses, a T-shirt and a painted, full-sized replica of #3713’s builder’s plate.

Visit the Benjamin Franklin Fund page for details. Join now!

Rewards include T-shirts, beer mugs, wine glasses, prints and replica builder’s plates. All gifts are made in USA.