Alexander Hamilton Level:
$10 a Week for a Year

Honor the founder of the US Treasury with a donation of $10 a week  (a total of $520) to move Project3713 forward.  Alexander Hamilton donors will earn four (4) custom Project3713 wine glasses, a Project3713 T-shirt, and a framed print of #3713.

Alexander Hamilton Level Subscribers will receive:

1. A choice of grey or black T-shirt (size and color choice will be confirmed via e-mail).

2. Four (4) custom wine glasses made in the USA and etched in Kingston, PA. Glasses come in gift boxes suitable for storage.

3. Small framed print, TBD.

There are two ways to pay: once a month or all at once.

Option 1: Monthly Installment Plan – you will be charged $43.33 per month for 12 months. T-shirt reward will ship within 2-4 weeks. Two glasses will ship at the 6 month mark, and two at the 12 month mark along with the print.

Choose the Hamilton Level below:

Signers’ Levels

Option 2: All At Once – you will be charged a one-time donation of $520. All rewards will ship within 2-4 weeks. Please visit the Hamilton one-time donation page in the #3713 store.