Private Donors and a New Grant Help Get 2018 Started Right

The restoration and operation of steam locomotives in our modern world is enabled by highly skilled professionals and fueled by funding from those who believe in the value of vintage machines. Project3713 has been fortunate to begin the year 2018 with some good news on the fundraising front.

The Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts, Inc. included Project3713 in their 2018 Railroad Preservation Fund Grant program which saw $12,500 go to deserving restorations. Project3713 received $500 towards the purchase of new cab glass. An all new cab is being built by Hopkins Manufacturing Company &Technology of Factoryville, PA and this grant ensures funding for the new windows.

On January 27th, Mass Bay RRE President David W. Brown presented the grant to Project3713’s Norm Barrett during the Amherst Railroad Society’s big show in West Springfield, MA. We are grateful to the Mass Bay team for their support.

K&L Trainz also joined our team of supporters in January with a commitment to the Benjamin Franklin-level Signers’ Fund subscription program. Those of you who enjoy the world of computer gaming know K&L as the company that created the incredible Boston & Maine #3713 computer simulation which allows you to operate the beautiful locomotive along the route of her last run for the B&M from Boston to Portland. The digital version of #3713 is available for purchase at:  K&L’s financial commitment to the restoration is much appreciated. If you haven’t run #3713 in all her full-resolution glory yet, you are missing out on the best approximation of what she’ll be like when the restoration is complete. You can find the video on YouTube:


Private individuals have stepped forward in the early days of 2018. We have new Signers’ Fund members at the Benjamin Franklin ($100 a month) and Alexander Hamilton ($10 a week) level. Each level is named after a signer of #3713’s namesake the U.S. Constitution (including the George Washington $1 a day program). Although we designed the fund as a subscription program with monthly payments, most of our donors have opted to pay the full year’s subscription at one time. Whether you want to pay in installments or all at once, our website store can meet your needs. Plus, all Signers’ Fund participants get exclusive #3713 swag:

As we look towards the balance of 2018, fundraising is top of mind. While work has been steadily progressing on the locomotive over the past two years, getting to steam-up is still dependent upon financial support. Donations are the most direct method off support, but there are other things you can do to help. If you are reading this on social media, please consider sharing amongst your friends and railroad-related groups. Help us spread the word.

Finally, a reminder that you are invited not just to donate, but to participate. We have had a regular crew of volunteers helping out on #3713 in the Steamtown shop, and more hands are welcome. We will also once again host events this year where you can come out to meet other supporters of Project3713 and the team working on the locomotive.

And, of course, you are welcome to visit the Steamtown shop in Scranton, PA to see where your donated money is going. The reason we call our fundraising program “America’s LocomotiveTM” is that #3713 belongs to the American people and we want you to see the progress. While some work is being done offsite at contractors, the bulk of the locomotive remains in Scranton on public view during shop tours (usually twice a day, no fee). It is one of the very few mainline steam restoration projects where all are welcome to get an up-close look. We highly recommend a visit:

More news coming shortly…

The Project3713 Fundraising Team