Drivers Dropped for Restoration

Over the weekend of October 1, 2017 another milestone in the restoration of Boston & Maine #3713 was reached. All six drivers were removed from the locomotive for reconditioning.

Photo courtesy of Samantha Kuczynski

The drivers are being sent to the Strasburg Rail Road for wheel center inspection, axle inspection and reconditioning of the #1 and #3 journals. The main axle, #2, is worn to the condemning limit. A new axle will be machined and put in. Material is on hand for this axle. All crank pins will be quartered and stroked. and lateral faces will be addressed once inspected. No tire work is necessary.

Many thanks to the volunteers who came to the shop to assist:  Andrew Giardina, Jerry & Samantha Kucynski, John Rendle and Kenny Shaffer.