2015 Review: A New Partnership for a New Era

2015 marked a turning point in the restoration of #3713, completing Project 3713 organizational changes that began the year before. Most significantly, the Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley RHS and the Steamtown National Historic Site officially renewed the Project 3713 partnership.

This renewal was required due to the expiration of the previous agreement. It was the first since Superintendent Conway joined the SNHS. During the process, she made her support of the project quite clear, and her input helped craft an agreement focused upon finishing the job.

Under the revised partnership, Project 3713 is tasked with raising a total of $750,000. One of the benefits of the new agreement is that Steamtown will provide staff to manage the mechanical work and contribute other resources as required. SNHS restoration specialist Bruce Mowbray has joined the work as project manager.

The formal addition of Bruce to the team compliments a refresh of the Project 3713 leadership. The new co-chairmen announced in 2014 were joined by three new honorary chairmen in 2015: Mr. Joseph Boardman. President & CEO, Amtrak; Mr. William Withuhn, Curator Emeritus, Smithsonian Institution; and Mr. Joseph Hayter, President, Weaver Models.

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